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Vocal For Local –what It Is And How It Can Benefit Your Brand | Shopweb

Vocal For Local –what It Is And How It Can Benefit Your Brand | Shopweb

This Progressing COVID-19 pandemic has taught us so many lessons and one among them is simply the significance of being dependent. This pandemic has locked us in our homes, make so much ruin, shattered the entire economy and businesses have been in losses. From an individual to business, each and every one is badly affected. In an order to handle a large population of almost 130 crores, our honourable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi Ji has announced a financial package for all the small scale industries and poverty-stricken people who are very much affected due to the Coronavirus Crisis.

He appealed everyone, to become Atmanirbhar, and go Vocal For Local. Being a Digital Marketing Company in Bhubaneswar,Cuttack,Odisha, Shopweb  is here to make you understand how we can attain the goal together. How having a website or online presence can help you to be Vocal For Local. So, without any delays, let get started with some basics.

            Vocal For Local - What Does It Stands For?

Vocal For Local is all about supporting the local businesses or local brands of India. With this, our Prime Minister wants to bring our attention to promote the manufacturing of everything in our country and promote only local brands. In simple words, Vocal For Local is all about Say No To Videshi, Buy Only 100% Swadeshi.

What Are The Different Ways To Attain The Goal?

Buy Made In India Products Only:

One easiest way to attain the goal is by purchasing 100%  Swadeshi product with Made In India tag on the same. You can check the tag in case of products and when it comes to outsourcing service, so you should take them from companies headquartered in India only. This will be your greatest support to Indian Brands.



Spread The Word:

Another easiest way that can help you attain the goal of Vocal for Local is by spreading good words about the Indian Brand you are using. This may help them attain great market exposure and more and more people will switch to the same. Moreover, it will increase the sale of Swadeshi or Made in India products, which will automatically help to balance our economy and flourish it.


Produce Indian, Use Indian:

Don't spend dollars on importing products from outside India; it is time to support Local Brands and Swadeshi/Made In India products. Promote manufacturing of Indian products and buy them to support the same.

If we all take a pledge to use only 100% Swadeshi and Made In India products, it will help us to be Atmanirbhar and go Vocal For Local. Besides, this may help us stable our financial condition that is shattered due to COVID-19 Pandemic. Moreover, it will keep us prepared for anything in the future. This may not only prosper Local People or Local Brands but also ensure the growth of our country.

This is all about how we can contribute to Atmanirbhar Bharat but now the question arises  is how to shout for my brand and my Indian products, so more and more people can take benefit of the same. So, if you are a manufacturer of Indian Product or sell Indian Products only, it is the time for you to create an online presence. Its time to be visible to the people who are searching for Swadeshi Products for their manufacturing and other activities.


Get Yourself  A Website: These days, due to lockdown or to maintain social distancing more and more people are shopping online than offline. So, firstly, create an Ecommerce Website or a normal website, as per your business need. This may help you step into the digital domain and let your customer check all your products and easily contact you.

Promote It: Now, having a website is not enough, you should better create a good presence over Google to make your brand or Swadeshi Products visible to your audience. Invest in SEO Services and increase the ranking of your website with all the keywords that can benefit your business. The more exposure your brand will have, the more people will get to know about you.

Create A Social Media Campaign: With social distancing and lockdown, people these days are more active on social media. It's the right time to get engaged with your audience, introduce your 100% Swadeshi and Made In India products to them. You can create different social media campaigns that will help you target your audience.

You might be new to digital strategies, don't worry, we have the right experience to help you grow. We are an India-based Website Designing Company and promise to give your brand a presence over Google that will help you go Vocal For Local and sell your Swadeshi or Made In India products to more and more people.

Let's come together and pledge to support India, Say No To Videshi, Buy Only 100% Swadeshi. This will be our contribution to Atma Nirbhar Bharat Abhiyan;. So, what are you waiting for? To go Vocal For Local, if you want Digital Strategies, we are right here to help you. From designing your website to promoting it to a wider audience, we will be there with you. Send us your enquiry or call us straight away to take the conversation ahead.

01 August 2020

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