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Does A Small Business Need A Mobile Application | Shopweb

Does A Small Business Need A Mobile Application | Shopweb

Now-a-Days Mobile Apps are Available for all types of Services Whether it has to listening to songs or doing work, booking a cab , Ordering Food from the Restaurant and many more. So, If you are a businessman one Question always comes to your mind “Do I need a mobile app for my Business or does a Mobile App can help me in expanding the business?”. Well, these questions are also valid. Many businessmen assume that these Apps are all for the big companies, not for the Small-scale business. But here I can assure you, you need an App for your business and here we will discuss it from a large perspective.

By the evolution of Smartphones, Mobile Apps are the most preferred platform for every user. You can see around yourself people scrolling down on his/her smartphone screen. People are Spending more time on smartphones than any other device. The fact is Smartphones are compatible, and by the apps, The door of the Market is just far away from a click on the screen to them. It means Apps make it possible to make your business ready to serve as on customers' fingertips.

It has been seen over the years that Internet traffic from mobile Devices is beating the internet traffic of Desktop. Now people tend to look on a phone before purchasing any product or thing. A survey reveals that around 81% of smartphone users turn to search first to address their immediate needs on their Smartphones. So, people don’t care about what’s your business size, all they just need is your service and for that, you just need to get to be there on their screens. You can also do research on your own and statics will clear your position very much of mobile apps for business.

The Important Benefits of  Mobile Apps :


The website will not recognize until someone does not visit or find organically on SERP. But a Mobile App enhances the brand visibility smartly and quickly in an effective way. The website also represents your brand on online platforms but they need full internet access, but an app can also work offline. People look for the things that can easily use and managed, and So as the Mobile App deals in. Mobile Application can design in such a way that can easily manage and navigate. Smartphone users always keep their phones with himself, even into the Washroom(a fun fact). This means a mobile app will keep your business in constant touch with the customer and will keep the brand engagement uninterruptedly.


People like offers that are customized and personalized according to their interests. A user may get annoyed by the irrelevant notifications and recommendations of products, but if you provide them a customize product notification according to their behaviour  and the quality of the product they interested in, it will help you more in engaging them in your business. Let’s take an example: "When Winter starts, you can suggest and send recommendations via notification to the customer about your new Winter  collection based on his interest and money spending capacity.


When you open a website for purchasing, First you have to wait for loading the page, filling the form getting, contact details and suffer from many little but irritating problems. But, a mobile app functions very fast and it’s personalization and easily navigable features, turn a user into a paying customer within seconds. By giving them instant customer support, chat support and user registration will help in making a customer more comfortable with your service so that the user will find it easier and enjoyable to interact with Mobile App.

Instant Payment:

Customers can change their mind in a bit of a second. So, it’s better to provide them an instant payment option on the screen along with product details. As we all know, Mobile Wallets are growing rapidly these days and this is most preferable by the users than the cash, So it’s good to provide them these types of payments option that helps them in checkout conveniently and keeps you in the trend with other players.




Website is a must thing for the business, but as Smartphone users are continuously increasing mobile apps are becoming necessary for a business whether it is a small- company or a big organization. This Small investment in your business will provide you the best and huge ROI in the future. So, Stop thinking and making sense about Mobile App is better for your business or not. Create your own Mobile App and Start Engaging the Customers.

27 July 2020

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