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Google Ads Vs Facebook Ads: Which Is Best | Shopweb

Google Ads Vs Facebook Ads: Which Is Best | Shopweb

Being a Digital Marketing Company, we’ve been asked this question by dozens of clients. “So Google Ads vs Facebook Ads, which is better for my business?” And almost every time we have a similar response – it depends!

Before you decide to use Facebook Ads and Google Adwords, it’s best to know which situations each platform is best used for, and how using these services will help you achieve your goals.


Google’s primary form of campaign is its search ads, which work by showing relevant ads that align with a user’s search queries. If they’re searching for “leather sofa,” for example, and you happen to sell leather sofas, you could bid to have your ad shown to these users.

The ads appear at the top of the search results and give you short headlines and two lines of ad text (minus extensions) to explain why users should click.

However, Google Ads offers more than paid search. Google’s name switch from Adwords to Google Ads was to encompass its full range of advertising options. With Google Ads you can advertise on:

1) Google Search

2) Youtube

3) Google Display Network

4) Google Maps

5) Google Play store





Facebook Ads are all about creating demand. You use interest-based and demographic targeting along with retargeting options to have your ads appear in placements on and off-platform. You don’t have to wait for certain searches to be made and for clients to look for products like yours—you can show them an ad, introducing your product to them, or reminding them that it’s there.

In contrast to paid search, Facebook Ads offer paid social advertising. In the wake of Facebook algorithm changes, it has become increasingly difficult for brands to get in front of potential customers organically (ie. for free!)

This is where paid social comes into play. With Facebook Ads you are paying to get in front of potential customers on social networks, instead of reaching them organically.

Facebook isn’t limited to just your Facebook newsfeed. With Facebook Ads you can advertise on:

i)Facebook News Feed

ii) Instagram

iii) Audience Network

iv) Facebook Messenger


Google Ads and Facebook Ads are two excellent options for PPC advertising, and in many cases, the two platforms work best if used together. If you advertise on both, make sure you're accurately tracking your campaign results so you know which channel is your top performer.



19 October 2020

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