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How Digital Marketing Is Different From Traditional Marketing | Shopweb

How Digital Marketing Is Different From Traditional Marketing | Shopweb

“Marketing” this is the most important term involved in business management practices, and an important factor for all businesses. To put it simply, Marketing is a process which includes activities which any company undertakes so as to create, communicate, promote, deliver, and exchange products or services which have some value for the customers, clients, other businesses, etc.

Marketing has been the constant in the business world since ages and will remain so. The only variable here is the medium which businesses utilize to promote and communicate their products/services.

Previously marketing was done using various print medium such as newspapers, magazines, posters, billboards; broadcasting medium such as Radio, TV; Telemarketing medium such as text messages, phone; Direct Mail medium such as catalogues; etc. These mediums are all included in the Traditional Marketing Services.

With the entry of internet, a clear shift could be seen in the pattern of the marketing channels used. Thereby, various digital technology such as Personal Computers, laptops, mobile phones, tablets; and other digital medium and platform such as Website, Email, Pay Per Click, Social media, Content marketing affiliate marketing, Search Engine Marketing, etc. These mediums are all included in the Digital Marketing Services

With the influence of Digital Media spreading like wildfire, you might think that traditional marketing has lost its hold, so then  A question Comes to Our Mind: What is the Difference Between Digital Marketing vs Traditional Marketing? 


Digital Marketing vs Traditional Marketing     

Traditional Marketing

Traditional marketing has a long history. It is a well-researched, long established, and proven method of getting your message out to the customer. It encompasses pretty much all advertising before the internet came along and shook things up.

By traditional marketing, you will be reach out to customers using offline means of communication. This includes printed advertisements in newspapers or magazines, broadcast advertisements on television and radio, or even printed flyers and business cards.

As traditional marketing is on much larger scale, undoubtedly it is expensive too. I mean, getting a advertisement slot in a magazine or newspaper, printing posters, creating commercials for TV and Radio, all this takes much efforts and money.

While the cost for traditional marketing is much more, it is rather difficult to gauge how much profit a TV or Radio commercial, or a poster, or a Newspaper ad is getting you. Measuring the performance of all these medium is difficult and time consuming.

And if you can’t determine if your specific commercial or advertisement is performing well, further improvement can’t be immediately made.

One of the perhaps most big drawback of traditional marketing is that it is unable to directly connect with the consumer. A business cannot directly interact with the customer using the traditional marketing methodology.

Traditional marketing is a rather one-way communication of your products and services.

Digital Marketing:

Digital Marketing is a larger platform having a larger reach and is able to get to people all over the globe. While traditional marketing is limited to a region, digital marketing enables to reach out to audiences in all regions.

Also, when it comes to digital marketing, it is rather cheap. You can create a business profile on social media platforms for free and then posting your ads there costs you not much. 

Also, Google analytics tool enables businesses to analyse their digital marketing strategies. Thus, businesses can immediately gauge if their specific campaign is getting Return on Investment or not. They can analyse how many people are viewing the ads, how many are engaging with them, how many of those engaged are buying, etc.

While, digital marketing enables businesses for a longer reach out, people many a times find them rather annoying. 

Also, the digital media is constantly changing, thus you need to keep up with them, and keep on changing your marketing approach. This doesn’t seem the case with traditional marketing.

29 May 2020

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